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Believe it or not, I am still alive!  I have had a pretty busy year this past year.  I completed my sophomore year down in Florida at Pensacola Christian College where I have been studying music.  It was a fun, busy, and very challenging year, but a year I am very thankful for!  I learned sooo much and thoroughly enjoyed my time there.  🙂  Once I got home, I had about three weeks to pack up my stuff before my family moved to South Carolina.  My grandparents came up as well as an Uncle or two and together we packed an entire house, a barn, twelve people, two dogs, and one rabbit into three big moving trucks and got our caravan on the road.  Fifteen hours later, at 2:30 in the morning, we pulled into the driveway of our new house.  Over the next week, we unloaded the trucks, put boxes in rooms, and dug into the boxes enough to find clothes to pack into suitcases before we left again!  We loaded the van up again and headed right back to PA for a week of family camp and a week up at Potter County after that.  Yes, we are certifiably crazy.  But do we ever enjoy it!  🙂  I have pictures from both of those weeks that I’m going to be posting both here and on the family blog as soon as I can find a few spare hours.  We are finally back now and are settling into southern life.  Look for more posts coming soon!  But, for now, here’s a teaser for the Potter County post.  🙂  Enjoy!


Chincoteague Sunset


Every year, my family vacations in Chincoteague Island, Virginia. It’s easily our favorite week of the year, and this week has certainly been no exception! Pictures from the week will be posted on my family’s blog, but I wanted to post these beautiful sunset pictures here. 🙂


~The Assateague lighthouse




When you live on a farm, summer is measured by harvest seasons.  Can you tell what season we’re in now?  Yup, blueberry season.


Pea season is in full swing at our house – we eat, sleep, and breathe peas.

Mmm…  But they sure are good.  🙂


~Last night, we decided to call the Andersons and ask if they wanted to go out for ice cream.  Why?  Who knows?  No good reason-just because.  🙂  These are the things we do.~

~My treat – an Oreo mint Blizzard :)~

~The whole gang~

~Abbie Lou thoroughly enjoying her ice cream~

~Dolly, Josh, and Abbie just kinda shared around~

~The “big girl” table~

~And…then there were those *eh-hem!* who chose to be antisocial, sit by themselves, and just play on their Ipods the whole time.  Not to mention any names.. ;)~

~This picture is going to end up at their wedding rehearsal dinner  :)~

~The girls.  Well, a part of them, anyway…  :)~

~The 2011 Harrisburg reunion at the Red Rabbit~

~The wonderful, the amazing, the one and only Bunny Burger!~

~Bunny Burger and fries with extra Bunny Dust :)~

~The group~

(Incidentally, my fiancee is the one in the Eagle’s jersey!)

~Abigail and Rachel~

~Yep, he’s my man!~

~Megan and Becca~

~The Red Rabbit makes an amazing pineapple sundae~

~The whole group  :)~

White Glove

~With the end of the semester comes the dreaded, infamous white glove cleaning day!  Everything you’re leaving at school goes on your bed and the whole dorm gets scrubbed top to bottom.~

 ~This is what my room looked like during Stage I~

~Room cleaning: Stage II~

~Room cleaning: Stage III~

~Hall got cleaned too  :)~